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Hosting Benefits

Hosting offers many benefits which make it practical, affordable and efficient for business.

Because the software is running on servers in our datacenter, the work you are performing is actually taking place on the server, not on your PC. As a result, your PC's speed is not a factor in the performance of the system. From a cost standpoint, this also means that you'll never need to replace your office computers for faster ones.

Our highly redundant streaming backup systems, mirroring and replication insure that your data is secure. Encryption and passwords prevent unauthorized access. 

No more updates, no new servers, no maintenance, no hidden charges, no headaches. Yet you get the latest features and benefits, and are always up-to-date. This same simplicity means you can logon from anywhere there is Internet access-home, remote offices, and if you insist, even on vacation. 

When you do need a little extra help solving a problem or issue, our team is literally right there. You will never describe an indescribable problem over the telephone to a confused help desk. Resolutions are quick and clear, allowing you to get back to the business at hand.

Total cost of ownership will be fraction of what a traditional system would cost, as you won't be investing capital year after year for upgrades, new hardware, consultants and maintenance. 

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