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What is Hosting?

Hosting is an on-line service whereby you access the software running on our servers in a datacenter, and pay a small monthly subscription fee. Unlike traditional software, where you first outlay capital for the purchase, then are required to install and maintain the software, with hosting there are no updates, no support fees and no strings attached. You simply subscribe to the service and pay one small fee.

Hosting is based on a simple premise: stick to what you're good at. You are a professional business that brings quality products and services to you customers. Why should you have to become a part-time technophile just to get the paperwork done? With Hosting, we manage the software and technologies, while you run your business. That's what we're good at.

And while you're busy running the business, we're busy enhancing the system to meet your growing needs and requirements, updating the system continuously..

The end result is more time spent doing what you're best at: running your business.

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