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Hosting Risks

Every system has risks, so it would be inappropriate to suggest that hosting has none. However, when you weight the risks of hosting with the upside rewards, and compare to the risks of a traditional system, your business will come out ahead. 

First examine the risks of a traditional in-house system, and its weak points. Downtime due to hardware failure, rogue applications and human errors is imminent. With hosting, we have redundant servers, redundant connections, real-time backup and strict security and system integrity. In these areas, the hosted solution will easily outperform a traditional system.

The risks of hosting? Loss of your Internet connection is now a serious issue. Without it, you cannot get access to your system. However, with the advent of broadband, cheap cable and faster DSL, this is a risk that can be managed. For example, keep a $12/month dialup service as a backup in the event your primary provider goes down. While it won't be as fast, at least you can continue along until primary service resumes.

For those who can't get reliable broadband, the Self-Hosting option allows you the best of both worlds: a managed system within your own walls.

And what about Nextsoft? The world has shown us that size and tenure are not guarantees of longevity, but we plan on being here for a while. To offer ultimate confidence to our customers, a Data Escrow option within the Nextsoft system allows you to receive a complete copy of your data on-demand, at any time. 

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