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Training Your Team

The most important step in the implementation process is training your team on the Nextsoft system. Failure to get properly training is the number one cause of failure during the implementation process. Training empowers your team to perform their jobs with the best tools available, and in the most efficient manner. 

Depending on your needs, this can be done in any of three ways: on-site, classroom and remote.

On-site Training
With on-site training, one of our consultants comes to your business and spends several days working directly with you and your team. The duration of the training can be variable depending on the number of people and the scope of the training, but is typically 4 days. Training is billed as a flat fee, with no additional charges for travel, providing you with a clear understanding of all costs before proceeding. On-site is normally the best option for those with larger teams.

Classroom Training
In this form, you come to our training facilities in Neenah, Wisconsin and participate with a group. Groups are kept small, usually 4-8 people and can be personalized to fit your specific needs. 

Remote Training
Using shared desktop technology, Remote Training allows us to train you remotely, without any travel. By sharing your desktop with a consultant, we can simultaneously share a session and work together, each taking turns with the mouse or keyboard in an interactive training session. This is by far the most flexible training option, since we can customize it to fit any need or schedule. Normally, remote training is divided into several small sessions and delivered as-you-go, offering you the best in flexibility.

Contact our Sales Team at (800) 236-1165, or email to discuss the training needs for your team.

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