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Our success at Nextsoft is directly tied to the success of our customers, and our partners, who together create a team that leverages each others skills and builds a foundation upon which success can be built.

Marketing Partners
Branding Partners
Consultant Partners

Marketing Partners
Our Marketing Partners program allows companies or individuals who have an interest in promoting the Nextsoft solution to get in on the sales process. By promoting Nextsoft to your business customers or contacts, you can be part of an exciting team with a rewarding delivery model. 

Using nothing but a web browser, you can help business owners see the value in running their business the Nextsoft way. Leverage technology, tap resources, and share the wealth of experience that is available within the Nextsoft family.

In addition, you'll be backed by our professional support team, staffed with consultants who specialize in helping businesses grow with the Nextsoft solution. You make the sale, we handle the back-end, the customer gets the best of both. With the Nextsoft Marketing Partners program, everybody wins.

For more information, contact a Marketing Partners representative at

Branding Partners
Branding allows your organization to provide a customized front-end and integrated solution to your dealer network, supply chain or other association of members. Working with our development and implementation teams, we can provide a branded Nextsoft solution including:

  • Branded front-end with your logo and associated name

  • Access via your website, to channel members through your site everyday

  • Pre-configured with your inventory, services, accounting configuration and other industry specific details tailored specifically to your members needs

  • Training programs tailored to your industry and member needs

  • Custom integration to backend systems for order entry, receiving, account status and other accounting/account functions.

As a Nextsoft Branding Partner, you can provide a complete integrated solution to your customers or members. Better yet, all they need is a web browser.

For more information, contact a Branding Partner representative at

Consultant Partners
Our Consultant Partners are an extension to our support team, providing training, support and consulting to our family of Nextsoft business customers. Working remotely, Consultant Partners can offer services based on their own unique skills and ambitions. Our integrated technologies allow the support team to seamlessly interact and collaborate with Consultant Partners regardless of geography, providing high quality services in a professional manner. And like our customers, all you need is a web browser.

For more information, contact a Consultant Partner representative at