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Data Escrow

For the ultimate in data security, the Nextsoft system provides an automated Data Escrow option, free to all users, which allows you to put your data in escrow on-demand.

At anytime, simply select Data Escrow from the Administration menu, enter your email address and minutes later, you will receive an email link to a compressed archive containing your complete databases in an openly available format. Click on this link to download the Data Escrow file to your local PC, home PC or wherever else you decide. Repeat daily if desired to create yet another backup to your complete system.

In addition, the escrow file is encrypted with a password that you provide, so even if someone else used your email and downloaded the escrow link, without the password, your data remains safely encrypted.

Need your customer list for a mailing or other application? Simply use Data Escrow to receive copies of your customer database, then import directly to Word, Excel or any other application (data is provided in CSV format, which is importable by most applications).

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