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Self Hosting

Our Self-Hosting program provides those customers with special needs with a way to bring the Nextsoft Datacenter to your business. Enjoy the benefits of hosted and fully maintained system, with an on-site Nextsoft maintained server. 

Typically, Self-Hosting is targeted for those customers who are larger and can afford the benefit of higher speed local network access to their server, or those who are unable to obtain sufficient broadband Internet service for maximum availability (though dedicated full-time access is still required). 

With Self-Hosting, we place a server in your environment, complete with all software and technologies required to host the Nextsoft system locally. We still maintain the server, update all software and support the technology. You and your team still use a web browser and the Nextsoft website to log onto and access the system.

Our real-time streaming technology replicates your server to another server within the Nextsoft Datacenter, so in the event of hardware failure, an exact copy of your system is ready and available with no downtime or loss of data. In addition, your data is streamed into our automated backup and off-site storage facilities, so redundancy and replication guarantees maximum availability.

Self-Hosting is available for small or large businesses, with the server being sized for your specific needs, and is available for an additional fee.

Contact our Sales Team at, or call (800) 236-1165 for pricing and more information.

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