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Customer Relationships

The lifeblood of your business is managing customer relationships. Everyone knows that keeping current customers is easier, and more profitable, than creating new ones. What does this mean? Friendly and knowledgeable customer service, quick and easy access to all prior financial activity and payments, and documentation of all prior contacts are some of the tools used to empower your team to meet your customerís expectations.

The customer file is the complete repository of all data and information for a customer relationship. Within moments of receiving a call, you can provide answers to billing questions, collections, sales orders and fulfillment.

Contact Info
The Contact tab of the customer folder holds all basic contact info, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email address and special notes. You can assign an unlimited number of contacts and associated telephone numbers or emails to a single customer folder. In addition, Categories allow you to catalog the customer demographics for use in reports or sales and marketing.

Free form data entry allows you to enter several lines of address to handle unique addressing needs. Nextsoft automatically analyzes the address and formats it for appearance and consistency. The same automatic formatting is applied to all telephone numbers, salutations and titles. 

The Journal tab allows you to keep a journal, or diary, of all contacts with the customer, including telephone calls, sales calls, letters, trade shows, collection letters and other relationship events. This history is maintained for the life of the customer, and is easily reviewed or printed. Each journal entry includes a date/time stamp, the names of the parties included in the contact event, and notes outlining the activity.

Journal entries can also be used to document verbal sales quotes or prices, complaints, commendations and other key customer dialog.

Every financial transaction, including invoices, payments, quotes, and sales orders are available for the life of the customer through the Financial tab. In addition, the customerís current balance due, aged receivable balances and other collection details are available in real-time.

Questions on a bill? Every order for the life of the customer is available in complete detail, including part numbers, pricing, discounts and terms. Delivery dates, partial payments and transaction notes are stamped into every order. Payments, including those by check, credit card or ACH/wire are documented along with discounts taken and check number or bank reference.

The success of a marketing campaign is often the quality of the message, and the frequency or placement of the piece. Nextsoft offers a means to automate marketing campaigns for lead follow-up, customer surveys, periodic or seasonal promotions and repeat service contracts, by outsourcing direct mail follow-up. 

The Marketing tab contains past events, contacts and demographic data. In addition, the Marketing Campaigns Connection allows you to automate direct marketing campaigns with our outsourcing partner. See Sales & Marketing for more details.

Credit & Collections
Combined with the Collections Report, the Credit & Collections tab allows you to keep tabs on customer payment history, promises of future payment, and other collection notes. Journal entries are date/time stamped, along with the contact name of the person receiving the collection call. Credit rating and collection risk are calculated daily, and presented along with key payment performance, including min, max and average payment days per invoice, times late or delinquent, and aged receivables balance.

Delinquent customers, or slow payers can be placed on credit hold, which prevents any future attempts to take orders or service calls until the hold is released.

Jobs & Service
Integration with the Job and Service applications means that all past projects or service calls, along with the equipment installed or serviced, are displayed in the customer folder. Like the Financials tab, all detail is immediately available, and include complete job or service call notes, crew, dates serviced, charges and crew notes.

Like a filing cabinet, the Customer folder in Nextsoft also holds key documents, such as sales and collection letters, quotes, spreadsheets and other documents prepared for the customer. These documents are also shared with other members of your team, so everyone will be working together to make a sale, or provide quality customer service.

The built-in word processor and spreadsheet applications rival the features of popular applications you use now, and wonít require retraining. Better yet, use the integrated fax and email features to send these documents directly to the customer without having to first print or walk over to your fax machine.

Managing Customers
With all key customer data in one place, the customer folder, managing customer relationships is easy and efficient. More importantly, you will appear professional and courteous to customer when they need help. Reports include customer lists, tasks and marketing todoís, collections, sales analysis and top performers.

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