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Human Resources

Many companies forget that human resources is just as important to a successful business as customers and inventory. Maintaining a healthy team often requires the same tools and techniques as required to manage and grow your customer base.

Nextsoft provides a central place to track employee information, including personal data, hire/fire dates, payroll and benefits, and pay history. In addition, a journal allows you to keep a log of notes through out the employee’s tenure, each date stamped and digitally signed. Documents such as commendation or grievances can be stored in the private documents area of each employee file.

Employee Information
Each employee file contains all pertinent personal and employment data for the employee. Name, address, spouse, home phone, SSN, direct deposit bank info and personal notes.

Hire and termination dates, along with last review and next review allow you to keep track of review activity and new hire reporting.

Location and Work Group allow you to specify an employee’s geographic location for a multi-location business, and their corresponding work group, which control the rules governing timecard calculations.

Filing Status & Payroll
The Filing Status area hold all pertinent payroll specific data, such as federal and state filing status, state of filing, number of exemptions, and any local tax jurisdictions.

Payroll tax calculations are based on these entries, and can be updated at anytime, effective the next payroll.

Job Skills
In an era of high workers compensation rates and liability insurance, managing the risks of employee injury has become an integral part of human resources. Job Skills allows you to list those skills that an employee is qualified or authorized to perform. Time & Attendance then collects activities (Job Skills) in association with punches on a timecard, allowing you to track which skills or activities an employee performed each day. 

Paycheck History
Each paycheck for the employment life of the employee is kept in their file, along with hours, deductions, taxes and all related information. Year-to-date and life-to-date balances on 401k, loans and other deductions are readily available during a review or personnel matter.

Pay Rate
For hourly employees, rates can be built using a pay scale system, much like a union or government scale. As an employee improves experience or tenure, you can apply new pay rates based on the next tier in the scale.

For non-scaled hourly or salaried employees, pay rate changes are logged in the employee’s journal, providing a complete audit trail of wage increases over the tenure of their employment.

Journal & Documents
Letters received from employees, or letters that you write to them, are cataloged in the Documents area of their employment file. Documents can contain faxes, letters, spreadsheets and other documents, such as commission reports, reviews and employment applications.

The Journal allows you to record notes and other miscellaneous information in a private journal for each employee. This might include notes summarizing telephone calls, sick calls or reviews.

Managing Employees
Protecting your business and your employees from the liabilities, while nourishing growth and teamwork, are the benefits of a quality human resources effort. Nextsoft’s human resource tools allow you to clearly document and manage a professional workforce. 

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