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Sales & Marketing

Successful marketing is not so much a fancy package, or a colorful piece, but rather the right message, delivered with persistence. Nextsoft offers a means to automate marketing campaigns for lead follow-up, customer surveys, periodic or seasonal promotions and repeat service contracts, by outsourcing direct mail follow-up to our marketing partner. 

With the Marketing Connection, you design the pieces and frequencies with which those pieces will be sent to a customer, sales lead or other contact. 

Next, these pieces are submitted to our marketing partner who handles the processing of your leads, mailing schedules, and piece reproduction. 

Finally, from the Marketing tab in the customer file, simply click the Start Campaign button, select the campaign the contact should receive, and the rest happens automatically. For a nominal fee over the actual cost of mailing literature, sending letters, or performing follow-up mailings, your materials will appear in the recipients mailbox automatically, and on the schedule you choose.

Sales Follow-up
For example, suppose you want to create a four letter follow-up campaign for sales leads that call in following a commercial or other general promotion. The first letter, sent immediately, would thank them for the call, outline your key products or services, and invite them to receive a quote. One week later, a second piece will highlight another aspect of your company. Letters three and four would follow in 2 weeks and one month, respectively.  For this example, we'll call it the 4-Piece Lead Follow-up.

To start this campaign, simply click on the Marketing tab while talking to the customer. Click the Start Campaign button, select the 4-Piece Lead follow-up, then press Submit. The rest happens automatically.

What about cost? Total cost to send each piece is roughly $0.50 more than the actual cost of paper, envelope, printing and postage—assuming you remember to send each piece out on time. More importantly, what’s the cost of the lost opportunity if you don’t send out each piece? What you’re paying for is not so much someone to stuff envelopes for you, but rather, the guarantee that your message will be delivered.

Managing Marketing
Results are tabulated and submitted to you monthly. Notes are kept in the customer folder showing the campaigns they’ve received, marketing demographics, and key sales-funnel data.

The Marketing tab contains past events, contacts and demographic data. In addition, each time you launch a campaign with the Marketing Connection, a journal entry is automatically created logging the date, time and campaign chosen. While you worry about finding new customers, the Marketing Connection insures that current leads are receiving the follow-up pieces on a timely basis, keeping the relationship active.

Contact our Sales Team at for more information on the Marketing Connection.

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