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Communications & Productivity

A great deal of time is spent talking about accounting, inventory and financials, but just as important in helping your company succeed are the communication and productivity function within Nextsoft.

An important part of keeping the business organized is keeping you organized as well. The Nextsoft Calendar can be used to track appointments, projects, trade shows, tax deadlines and other important dates. Events on the Calendar can automatically recur, so for example, create an event for quarterly tax reports that appears every three months on the 15th. 

In addition, you can view events for other members of your team (if they choose so) so everyone can view vacations, company events and other shared dates.

You can choose between a month view and a week view. Use the navigation buttons in the upper right to advance a month at a time, or enter a date in the search box in the lower left to go to a specific day. Press the Today button to return to the current month

Use Groups to select other groups who can view this event, and the Color button to determine the color for displaying the event. Use the Recurring tab to specify a recurring cycle for the event. You can choose daily, weekly, monthly or, for events such as birthdays, annually.

The TaskPad allows you to track things to do, reminders and other tasks. The TaskPad tracks those items due today, this week and those due in the future, and displays only the items you need to see now. Tasks include a due date, reminder flag, optional customer link, notes and priority.

When the Remind Me option is set, the task will popup on the selected date to remind you of the task to complete. By linking to a customer folder, you can easily create a journal entry so the event is logged in the customer file.

The Postpone option allows you to temporarily postpone a task (from a couple minutes to several days) if you’re busy with other things.

Create tasks for other members of your team, delegate tasks, and track completion dates. Combined with the Calendar, the TaskPad provides a foundation for personal organization.

Ever want to just send a quick message to a coworker, without leaving your desk? Chat allows you to send text messages in real-time to any other person on your team, either in the same office or across the country.

Chat messages popup on the recipients screen, and can be responded to, allowing you to dialog back and forth. Use chat when users are busy on the telephone, working on projects, or simply on the other side of the world.

Text Messaging
Most cell phones include the ability to send text messages, or Short Message Service (SMS). These messages are short (usually 110-160 characters) and can only contain text, but are delivered to the recipients cell phone in real-time. With Nextsoft, you can easily send messages to anyone within your company—sales people, service technicians and others—right from the Nextsoft Desktop.

Use Text Messaging to relay sales leads, telephone messages, addresses for a service technician, emergency service calls, directions and other data. Because its stored in the recipients cell phone, they’ll save time and eliminate errors by not having to write down important numbers or addresses.

Send Fax & Email Documents
Nextsoft’s Fax service allows you to send any printable document via fax. Or just send a cover page note or message. In addition, you can email documents, such as invoices, purchase orders and statements. No more walking over to the fax machine, or having your customers and vendors receive unprofessional faxes. All documents are digitally transmitted for perfect presentation.

Faxing requires an additional nominal fee, contact for more information.

Having a calculator at hand is always convenient. In Nextsoft, a Calculator with running tape is always available for quick calculations. The Calculator floats over your work so you can see the underlying documents.

Inbox provides a central area for receiving telephone messages, mail messages, and other correspondence from your team members. Forward messages, check someone else’s messages, return calls and organize follow-ups.

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