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The Nextsoft Report Writer allows you to capture data from any part of the system. Using a full-featured SQL based data access engine, information can be pulled from any area of the system and connected to related areas. Standard reports are predefined, and include Sales, Purchasing, Receivables, Inventory, General Ledger, Sales Tax, Payroll and others. Custom reports can be written to handle any other reporting need.

All reports can be filtered by date and several other parameters. For example, sales reports can be run for a specific customer, sales person, department, location or job number. Date ranges can be the current day, week, month, year-to-date or over the lifetime of your system.

Output Options
All reports (as well as any printed document) can be sent to the printer, faxed directly from Nextsoft, or emailed. From the report preview, simply select the delivery method, then the recipient information. For faxed and emailed reports, you can include a cover page message. When emailed, the recipient receives PDF versions of your report which can be easily viewed or printed on their end.

Sample Reports
Below is a sampling of the standard reports included in the Nextsoft system. Click on any link below to see the sample report. Any report you donít see can be created using the Report Writer.

Income Statement
G/L Detail
A/R Aging
Collection Detail
Customer Payments Detail
Sales & Use Tax
Sales by Item
941 Quarterly
Deduction Detail
Timecard Summary
Bills to Pay
Open Material Receipts
Vendor Delivery Performance

Custom Reports
The Report Writer can connect data from any source within the Nextsoft system, such as connecting customers to orders, orders to inventory and inventory to vendors. These reports can be formatted, sorted, filtered and displayed however you want, and can access data for the life of your system.

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